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Loansome Doc

Loansome Doc is a feature of PubMed which allows users who are unaffiliated with a library to request full-text articles for citations they have found using Pubmed. Articles may be ordered using the Send to > Order menu on the PubMed summary or item level display. Requests are sent to DOCLINE, the National Library of Medicine's online ordering system, which then routes them to the Fishbon Memorial Library. The Fishbon Library fills the request if the material is available. The requester receives a photocopy of the article by standard mail, email as a pdf attachment, or they may pick it up at the Library.

The Library serves all users within the United States not affiliated with a medical library. The fee is $15 per article up to 25 pages in length. The cost beyond 25 pages is $.50 for each additional page. The fee for a rush request is $25.

Instructions to become a registered user with the Fishbon Library

  • Complete the Fishbon Memorial Library Loansome Doc Application Form. Choose a format:

    PDF format
    Microsoft Word
  • Read the Copyright Disclaimer, sign the form, and return it to the Fishbon Library via mail, fax or email:


    H.M. Fishbon Memorial Library
    Loansome Doc Request
    1600 Divisadero Street
    UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion
    San Francisco, CA 94143-1637

    (415) 776-0689

  • Once the form is received, applicants will be notified of the Fishbon Library's billing and payment policies and Docline Library Identifier (LIBID).
  • Register at the Loansome Doc Registration Page. Use the LIBID as your authorization code to complete your registration with the Fishbon Library.

    Questions? Please call the Library at (415) 885-7378.

Resources for Patients

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